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Hunan Amazon Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for machinery parts production. It’s founded in 2008, covers an area of 36000 square meters, the existing staff are more than 300 people. Our company wins a good reputation among users by virtue of scientific production technology, strict quality management and advanced service concept, has been certified to UKAS and ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System, and has obtained the rights of self-managed import and export. Under the guidance of the company’s goal to enterprises bigger and stronger, Amazon actively develop the hydraulic flange, SAE flange, fluid control, auto parts, engineering machinery parts, iron and steel casting and other business areas, and formed a unique competitiveness. We supply the products to Liugong, ZOOMLION, Dalian heavy industry and Anshan Iron and Steel Group and other enterprises. And export to Europe, USA, Japan and other areas.

The main products of the casting workshop are castings of various materials, such as bridge bearings, gears, etc; And various alloy steel castings such as high manganese, high chromium, and stainless steel. We have an annual production capacity of 20000 tons of cast steel and ductile iron castings, as well as 40000 tons of counterweight iron using furan resin sand molding. We have a domestically advanced 5-ton, 3-ton intermediate frequency smelting furnace, which uses iron mold sand coating technology to produce steel castings, and alkaline phenolic resin sand molding technology to produce ductile iron. We can produce various grades of gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, high-strength, and high elongation ductile iron castings (including ADI ductile iron) and steel castings for users. The factory is equipped with advanced and complete casting production testing equipment, including F20 direct reading spectrometer imported from Italy and NSP-500OCS carbon equivalent furnace front rapid measurement imported from Japan.

The forging workshop is mainly engaged in the forging and processing of products in the fields of locomotives, engineering machinery, and rail transit. All forgings and molds are designed, programmed, and processed using 3D design programming software such as CAD/CAM, SOLIDWORKS, Pro-E, and Cimatron. Advanced manufacturing technology, equipped with processing and manufacturing capabilities for various complex forgings and molds, with 3 standard production lines for 1000 ton, 630 ton, and 300 ton friction presses, 6 sawing machines, 2 CNC machining centers, 2 sets of 1600KW medium frequency induction heating furnaces, and various supporting heat treatment production lines; The inspection equipment is complete, including portal Brinell hardness hardness tester, magnetic particle flaw detector for overall inspection of large die forgings, spectrum analyzer, etc. The annual production capacity is 20000 tons.

The machining workshop is equipped with 30 imported high-precision CNC lathes, 15 ordinary lathes, and colleagues are equipped with boring and milling machines, milling machines, drilling machines, and machining centers.

The products are widely used in the construction and maintenance of industries such as automobiles, engineering machinery, petrochemicals, nuclear power, wind power, steel, shipbuilding, metallurgy, etc.

Amazon people always adhere to the service tenet of putting credibility first, adhering to contracts, and implementing three guarantees for products, and are willing to work together with the vast number of users to achieve a win-win situation.