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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the first competitiveness of the enterprise, the motive power for development, and endless source in the future. The development and prosperity of the enterprise depends on strong corporate culture. Culture is the source of management. All enterprises realize that market competition is the competition of economic strength and corporate culture. The successful corporate culture is the intangible property of the enterprise and a good cultural environment, and will certainly realize the transformation from spiritual wealth to material wealth.

I. Our Tenet: The service tenet of “Quality First, Credit Supreme, Contract-honoring, Three Guarantees”, develop with users together

II. Our Spirit: Keep Struggling & Progressive, Develop Teamwork, Create Brilliance
We firmly believe that enterprise spirit is the important mental nourishment of staff, and the motive power for constant progress of staff and obtaining competitive advantage in market. Our company advocates the spirit of “Struggling & progressive” and teamwork, gathers the wisdom and power of all staff, and creates brilliance together.

III. Our Values: Credit, Professionalism, Efficiency, Innovation, Reciprocity
1. Credit: Start from oneself, start from minor matter, advocate credit between the enterprise and suppliers, customers and colleagues, only by credit, can you get more support and make further progress in work.
2. Professionalism: Professional quality, production and service.
3. Efficiency: Good and rapid production and management.
4. Innovation: Continuous improvement, self-challenge, self-transcendence, improve the new system, develop new products and develop new fields.
5. Reciprocity: No creation, no sharing. No pain, no gain. Only by creation, can you share more. The more you pay, the more you will gain.

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